TRRG’s EuroTRADE WLS Undergoes Harsh Scandinavian Climate Testing

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TRRG’s EuroTRADE WLS Undergoes Harsh Scandinavian Climate Testing

PUBLISHED: 18-02-2020

TRRG’s EuroTRADE WLS Undergoes Harsh Scandinavian Climate Testing

Terberg RosRoca Group (TRRG) headed to Norway recently to put its EuroTrade WLS system through its paces, testing its resolve in the harsh Scandinavian climate it will ultimately be operating in, during a recent demonstration to our local dealer, Steco and their customer, Hallingdal Renovasjon.

The Winch Lock and Shake lift system (WLS) incorporates a new lift and control system that utilises the RCV body controller and HMI screen for lifter control, cleverly integrating the lifter into the body controller. The EuroTRADE WLS solution has been specifically designed to meet Scandinavian collection requirements that involves the emptying of large skips up to 18 cubic metres along with two and four wheeled containers. Being able to offer these larger vehicles with high tailgate capacities improves efficiency and uptime, both advantages that we pass onto our customers.


TRRG's Export Technical Manager, Jeremy Boanson-James overseeing the operation, said: “The visit was to further test and fine tune the EuroTRADE WLS solution for harsh climate conditions but also to witness typical working conditions these trucks will see with the various container types and loading methods. We are working with Steco Miljø, our distributor for Norway, and Hallingdal Renovasjon, a large private waste and environmental contractor serving the whole of the Hallingdal region. We performed our tests in the towns of Gol and Geilo. We are happy to report that the EuroTRADE WLS passed the operational tests with flying colours.”

Hallingdal Renovasjon are a long serving customer of Steco, of whom they have a great relationship for testing and development of new systems. Service and Fleet manager for Hallingdal, Ole Jonny Lægreid, was very pleased with the Olympus and EuroTRADE WLS and thought it had great potential for Scandinavia.

TRRG Representation

Picture 1: (Left to Right) Ron Dammers, Export Sales Manager - TRRG, Sven Eric Svendson, Sales Manager - Steco Miljø, Ole Jonny Lægreid, Service and Fleet Manager - Hallingdal Renovasjon, Marcel Feitsma, Product Manager - Terberg Machines, Jeremy Boanson-James, Export Technical Manager - TRRG, Marcin Brzezinski, Aftersales Manager - Steco Miljø, Marc Fonoll, Electrical Design Engineer - Ros Roca.

With a representation during the trials from each of the TRRG design centres involved, it was a real show of inter-group collaboration and the clear advantage of TRRG subsidiaries working together to develop unified, fully integrated solutions. Steco’s experience of our collaborative approach is very positive as they have one united and responsive group that can support them with the entire solution.