Terberg Matec supplies first PBUV to Belgium

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Terberg Matec supplies first PBUV to Belgium

PUBLISHED: 03-08-2018

Terberg Matec UK's PBUV (Plastic Bodied Utility Vehicle) is being used to keep parks and streets litter free in Belgium's MOL municipality, based in the Kempen region of Antwerp.

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The first vehicle of its kind to be delivered to the country, the PBUV was supplied through agent and sister company Terberg Matec Belgium. Featuring a 3.5 tonne chassis and robust TLL360 side lift with detachable pannier, the vehicle has been re-engineered to meet the customer's specific waste collection requirements with a right-hand side lift.

Contructed from a durable polypropylene material that won't corrode like other materials, the PBUV can withstand the rigours of daily steam cleaning and is leakproof to a height of 300mm. The TLL360 offers safe and efficient lifting for EN840-1 containers up to 360 litres, while the optional, polypropylene pannier fits on to the bin comb to provide an additional hand or bag loading solution along with the sliding hatches in the side of the PBUV body.

Terberg Matec UK Managing Director Will Marzano comments: "We're delighted to have supplied the first ever PBUV to Belgium for the municipality of MOL. Although suitable for lower volume food waste collections, the vehicle also lends itself nicely to multi-task street or open space cleansing duties.

"As a result of the modifications we have made to our standard PBUV model, this vehicle now provides an ideal solution to assist MOL with its collection duties, satisfying the customer's requirement for right-hand side loading."