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PUBLISHED: 26-07-2018


Mick Bullock, Neil Antell and Phil Sizer are key members of the team at Terberg Matec UK, working as Parts & Workshop Manager (Bin Lifts), Service Control Manager and Product & Installation Manager (Bin Lifts) respectively. We caught up with them to learn more about their roles within the business.

“Based in Warrington, I joined the company almost 19 years ago as a workshop engineer,” explains Mick. “Since then, I have steadily evolved to my current position, where I am responsible for overseeing the supply of bin lift parts, as well as the refurbishment and accident damage workshop.

“The importance of customer satisfaction was instilled in me right from day one and I feel it remains the underlying principle that has been key to the company’s growth across all sectors. I have a fantastically dedicated and experienced team around me all sharing the same ethos and helping to contribute to our continued success in this competitive market”.

“One of the things I am extremely proud of is our involvement in engineering apprentice schemes. We have seen excellent results from all our trainees over the years and I truly believe they are our future.”

Neil Antell has seen the company grow dramatically since he joined as Service Controller in 1999. At the time we were a relatively small business, employing just 15 people on a full-time basis. Today, as Service Control Manager, Neil is responsible for the management of the service operation and like colleagues Mick and Phil, has a passion for delivering exceptional customer service.

“Although historically known for its bin lift systems, one of the biggest changes during my time here was the acquisition of specialist body builder and recycling vehicle manufacturer Will Engineering in 2000. This gave our engineers a new product range to work on and enabled us to broaden our offer to the market.

“The company is extremely dynamic, and no two days are the same. However, quality and service underpin everything we do, and we are always looking for new and more proactive ways to further enhance customer satisfaction.”

This is a view echoed by Phil, who began his career with us in 1998 as Workshop Trainee Engineer. Phil says he was lucky enough to be surrounded by a number of talented colleagues that have allowed him to gain a wealth of experience and steadily progress within the company to play a more active role on the operational side and now has a position within the Senior Management team under the direction of Rob Colby.

His role as Product & Installation Manager involves overseeing the new-fit department and making recommendations aimed at the continued delivery of quality products backed by robust warranty procedures.  One element of his job that gives him a lot of satisfaction is working closely with our R&D team in Holland, who have always been responsive to the UK’s requests and customer’s needs.

“Each day is varied, and to a degree some of what we do is reactionary, but as a team we are strongly focused on maintaining exceptional service levels. We aim to resolve any issues that may arise as soon as possible and are consistently working to reduce overall warranty costs and deliver product enhancements. This commitment to continued improvement is shared right across the business and is, I believe, one of the driving factors behind our success today.”