Simply Waste Solutions uses Dennis Eagle fleet to find success

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Simply Waste Solutions uses Dennis Eagle fleet to find success

PUBLISHED: 12-02-2019

Waste management company Simply Waste Solutions was established by CEO James Capel in 2006 after experience in the sector convinced him he could make a more efficient business. Today, it has a fleet of more than 50 and has been working alongside Dennis Eagle since 2014.

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The company has more than 200 staff at three sites. It collected more than 125,000 tonnes of waste in 2017 from one million-plus wheeled bins and almost a million bags of refuse. And it is forecasting a £32 million turnover this financial year.

The most impressive figure from 2017, however, was the company’s 99.1% service success –impressive because it is London-based.

“In London, our service delivery has to be spot on,” said James.

“We’re not just collecting general waste. We have one of the largest fleets of food waste collection vehicles in London and this is on top of glass, shredding services and hazardous waste collection.”

And in the last 18 months the business has purchased three other waste collection businesses with operations in other areas.

“We recently bought a business in Oxford. Our high standards will carry west so customers in Oxfordshire will benefit from the methods we’ve developed in London. The plan is to continue looking for expansion opportunities, steadily growing our geographical area.”

Vital to SWS’s success is a fleet of reliable vehicles but after trialling new suppliers, James realised he wasn’t getting the vehicle support he needed so in 2014, with a fleet ready for upgrading, he approached Dennis Eagle and a carefully constructed vehicle plan between the two companies was formed.

“The quality of the vehicles and competitive price were how we were first drawn to the Dennis Eagle but what’s really important to us is the back-up as well. The availability of parts and response time to problems is essential to our continued smooth running.

“The wheels cannot stop turning. Customers are continually producing waste. Some of our clients are producing two collections a day – even three – so there’s no breathing space for us.”

With clients ranging from the National History Museum to peri-peri chicken chain Nandos, it’s clear that James’ vehicles need to be ready for just about anything.

“The mainstay of our fleet consists of 30-40 RCVs, most on a 6x2 chassis with the Dennis Eagle Olympus 21 body and a Beta 2 lip lift. Everyone is involved in providing input towards the final procurement decision.

“It’s not all down to cost either. The product’s robustness, reliability, back-up and lead times on new vehicles are all considered.

“Service delivery is our key. Our customers in London – particularly clients in hospitality – can’t afford to have waste lying around. It can interfere with their ability to do their job and raises additional concerns, such as environmental health.”

Turnover has doubled for Simply Waste since 2014 when Dennis Eagle vehicles were introduced. The business is currently upgrading its fleet to Euro 6 models ready for London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone in April 2019.

With this in mind, Dennis Eagle has a representative on hand to help James through the fleet management process.

Ben Hoadley, regional sales manager for Dennis Eagle, said:  “James is a huge advocate for recycling and bettering the standards of waste collection in any way he can. And his innovative efforts in other areas, such as the work the business does for charity, makes Simply Waste such a joy to work with.”

The company held a black tie charity ball at the Tower of London in 2016 to mark the 10th anniversary of Simply Waste.

“We had 400 people attend as a thank-you to our employees, customers and our suppliers for helping us get to that point and making the business a success,” said James.

“And we raised £29,000 over the year for our partnered charity Shooting Star Chase children’s hospice. We have a long standing relationship with the charity and two vehicles promoting them with decals that include their name and logo.”

In July 2018 they held the ball again and plan more in the future to help Shooting Star Chase. Relationships are clearly important to Simply Waste Solutions and James believes the relationship with Dennis Eagle is also set to become a long-standing alliance in the waste industry.

“We’re interested in the electric eCollect Dennis Eagle has developed. We’re keeping tabs on it and looking to demo the model in the near future. It’s one way the industry could go.”

And so, electric or not, the future of this blossoming relationship looks simply positive.