The family-owned Terberg Group chronicle

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The family-owned Terberg Group chronicle

PUBLISHED: 12-09-2019

The family-owned Terberg Group chronicle

It is 150 years since Johannes Terberg forged his first horseshoe. All of us are proud that since then we have grown substantially. The Group currently has 28 operating companies in 12 countries around the world, with over 2700 employees.

And now, a century and a half, tonnes of steel, a huge amount of devotion and a daily dose of entrepreneurship later, the history of our family-owned business has been recorded in this chronicle. Here you can find a series of real-life stories about how our group was set up, how and why it developed, as well as the results of our work over the years.

This chronicle covers all six divisions, with pictures and stories illustrating our shared experience.

We hope you will enjoy reading it.

See the chronicle here.