Terberg Connect telematics apps available in app stores

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Terberg Connect telematics apps available in app stores

Fleet management software solution for terminal tractors

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Terberg Connect telematics apps available in app stores

The Terberg Special Vehicles telematics software for terminal tractors has been renamed and restyled. The apps Terberg Connect GO and ON for fleet managers, service engineers and drivers are now available in app stores. We have optimised the presentation of the data, based on feedback from distributors and customers.

By using Terberg Connect telematics customers can use valuable data to optimise their terminal and shunting yard operations. The software helps fleet and maintenance managers to monitor, report out and improve fleet efficiency and uptime. Proactive maintenance can be scheduled automatically based on the number of operating hours. Vehicle notifications and codes help service engineers to diagnose remotely in order to better prepare a visit or remotely offer a solution.

Terberg Connect Manager

The webapplication Terberg Connect Manager (TCM) gives vehicle service managers access to data about all their vehicles, in more than 10 languages. They can set alerts for upcoming scheduled services and these can be sent as e-mails or SMS text messages. The web application can generate a range of reports:

  • Predefined operational reports provide information about vehicle use, e.g. the driving time and stationary time, and acceleration.
  • Scheduled maintenance reports help optimise the uptime and performance of the fleet.
  • Vehicle route reports can be studied to improve efficiency.
  • Users can also define their own reports to suit their needs.
  • Fleet analysis reports compare data and fault codes for one vehicle with those for the rest of the fleet. 

Terberg Connect apps

In addition to the web application, apps are available for service engineers and drivers. The Connect GO app is designed for service technicians and also for fleet and maintenance managers. The Connect ON app is developed for drivers and can be extended with access control. It helps a driver when checking the oil level, lights, tyres, etc. at the start of a shift, and to report any problems or damage.



The telematics hardware is installed underneath the dashboard and connects to the CAN bus of the vehicle. Optionally, a card reader/PIN pad ensures that the vehicle is only used by an authorised driver. The system now also supports the US cell phone system and has Bluetooth connectivity for use with additional sensors.

Popular option

Project leader Mark Schot: "Terberg Connect is a very popular option. We fit it to most new tractors and have also retrofitted it to many older vehicles, over 1000 units in total. The system can also export data to other asset management systems. For our recently introduced next generation electric tractors the software comes as standard with the vehicle."