Terberg OmniMAX sees success in Australia

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Terberg OmniMAX sees success in Australia

TRRG Australian distributor Penske recently converted an ex-demonstration unit from an Open Back collector to a standard hopper with an OmniMAX bin lift system.

PUBLISHED: 26-10-2017
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Terberg OmniMAX sees success in Australia

The new vehicle is capable of delivering a faster 240 MGB collection speed than the current side loaders used in certain areas and collection rounds and provides a fantastically productive all round collection vehicle.

The OmniMAX bin lift has two individual lifting chairs with comb that can operate independently or move in sync for larger trade containers to collect bins, eject their contents and return the bins to the floor in a fully automatic cycle (for 2 wheel containers).
OmniMAX does this safely with the use of the RPD (Rear Protection Device) which creates an invisible barrier that will deactivate the downward motion if an object was detected in area.

This high capacity rapid collection OmniMAX bin lift was the first of its kind in Australia fitted to any waste collection vehicle when developed and suppled there in 2014 and was first issued on a vehicle that was first presented to customers at the Melbourne Truck show alongside the prototype Wacol developed HD CNG gas unit.

When first released the acceptance of Terberg's highly engineered, technically advanced and purpose designed bin lift systems for high capacity collections of normal 240L bins was not as widespread as it is in Europe.

The customer base were using older style rear loader collection vehicles with locally manufactured solutions that hadn't changed since the 1980’s.
As Australia moves to higher density populations and inner cities that have both single/dual bin dwellings and larger trade bins serving multiple dwellings, the rise of the OmniMAX and similar Terberg bin lift systems will be at the top on any city customers wish list.
Our distributor Penske are fortunate enough to have astute team members who had vision and foresight that looked for excellence in product design.

Penske see a great deal of opportunity for the OmniMAX in Australia and believe that there will be many more Olympus/OmniMAX units to come.

The unit in question is being dispatched to North Star Motors in Newcastle and from there will be issued to J R Richards in Tuncurry, going into service within 2 weeks.