Transnet Port Terminals welcomes arrival of new Terberg Haulers at DCT

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Transnet Port Terminals welcomes arrival of new Terberg Haulers at DCT

Transnet Port Terminals, Durban Container Terminal, (DCT), Pier 1’s new arrival of Terberg Haulers are fully operational since Friday 12 August 2016.

PUBLISHED: 07-09-2016

Transnet Port Terminals welcomes arrival of new Terberg Haulers at DCT

The state-of-the art equipment is expected to make a significant impact on improving operational efficiencies at the busy terminal.

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“The benefits of having these new haulers at Pier 1 will improve the availability and ultimately equipment reliability at our terminal. The increased reliability will correlate to fewer breakdowns resulting in minimal interruptions to operations. Furthermore, the terminal will be able to operate 6 gangs without equipment shortages. We are committed to delivering better services and achieving better turnaround times at Pier 1 and the arrival of these new haulers is a substantial investment by Transnet Port Terminals which clearly demonstrates that,” stated Brenda Magqwaka, Transnet Port Terminals’ GM: KZN Operations Containers.

Driver familiarization training took place recently, which included endurance testing on the haulers, allowing them to be handed over to operations earlier than originally anticipated. The newly designed seat of these haulers has a host of features, adjustments and lumbar support to improve the ergonomics of the machine.

Furthermore, what makes these haulers different from the old ones is that the seat has a built in sensor that cuts off the engine when the operator has left the seat for more than a period of 5 minutes. The new haulers also have door sensors linked to the air conditioner that once the door is opened, the air conditioner switches off.

As these new Terberg Haulers are part of a replacement project, they are to replace the current Mafi Haulers, thus the terminal will decommission and phase out 14 old Mafi Haulers respectively. Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) will begin the reverse logistics process for these Mafi Haulers. The hauler replacement project is planned to be completed in 2019.
TPT has committed R385 million to the upgrading and improvement of equipment and facilities for Durban Container Terminals’ Pier 1. This is in line with the company’s Market Demand Strategy (MDS) launched in 2012 to create capacity well ahead of demand and improve productivity and operational efficiencies.